How We Help

In Kansas City

In Haiti

annual symposium

Once a year we discuss wealth creation in Haiti with Kansas City’s impassioned Haitian leaders.  From presentations to roundtables, we discuss various wealth creation initiatives, water projects, Artisan partnerships and development of local leaders. Learn more about this year’s symposium on June 14th and register today!

Schools we Support

239 students. 13 teachers and staff. 3 communities transformed. 1 Better Haiti. In the small cities of Colin, Fond-Poux, and Repos we are building hope, supporting education, and infusing dollars into local markets creating a multiplier effect empowering local economy. Learn more about the three schools under our wing.

Building a Community

In Kansas City, we are working with Haitian immigrants teaching ESL skills and connecting them to job, housing, and other resources. 25% of Haiti's GDP is from Haitians abroad sending money back home. We are also sharing about Haitian cultural, language, and issues. We prepare individuals and organizations to help in Haiti. And, we are partnering and orchestrating better partnership with local organizations and individuals working in Haiti for greater impact in Haiti.

Moving Forward

As we continue to fulfill our mission we are moving into the next phase of service.

This expansion project includes developing a community center which will provide education, health, entrepreneurship and other outreaches as decided by the local residents.

Looking for help for your next trip?

Groups who seek to organize a mission trip to Haiti may benefit from Glory House Services’ speaker’s bureau. Let us share our expertise with you so you can properly prepare for your trip to Haiti.