(Lea Ozturk): “…Joseph’s friendship to me has been arranged by our Father in heaven.  I never knew I would meet a brother that I sense is as close in understanding the seeking of God’s heart and which really felt like my blood and would be from Haiti.  God is wonderful, how he arranges and blesses us in life about who we will meet on this planet to help us and we too can be a friend to, to feel our Father’s heart and encourage one another.  That is the kind of friendship and brother sister friendship I cherish with my brother Joseph.
We met at UMKC through a Haitian Creole class.  I was drawn to take the class for fun with a close friend, who coaxed me to take a Communiversity class for fun.  We both liked languages, learning about different cultures, history, and such but mostly, she would talk me into doing something outside of ideas I would have for fun.  I remember meeting Joseph there I believe in 2012.  I had just started my relationship with God and learning who He is, that he sends Jesus to us.  I grew up very spiritually confused and I am still growing tremendously with His help, but not alone.  This is where Joseph comes in.  Joseph is blessed with a gentle and thoughtful spirit from God that you can sense just in his fun-loving spirit and warm smile and laugh.  I know he isn’t perfect, but Joseph always keeps running back to our Father. I can tell because he doesn’t give up his joy from Him even when tired.  He has been blessed to be God’s eyes in many ways.  I see it in Joseph, how he allows God’s heart to work through him.  Joseph sees the good in people to encourage them that God loves them and remind them who they are.  He has a tenacious kindness that he listens to God’s heart. I cannot count the number of times when I have been battling in my mind’s heart about problems or attacks from the enemy and Joseph will call me out of nowhere.  I know it’s the Holy Spirit tapping on my brother’s heart saying, “call Lea, say hi just to remind her she is loved by me and I care about her.”
Joseph has a heart not only for Haiti his people but for others and listening to God’s heart that is how I can sense God’s love.  I am thankful God let us or arrange our family reunion.  Because I feel God’s love when I see or hear from my brother.  This is what I believe God’s business is, to reunite us with Him and then show us who our family is and to help us stay encouraged until our other brother Jesus comes for us.”