5th Annual Haitian Symposium

Once a year we discuss wealth creation in Haiti with Kansas City’s impassioned Haitian leaders. From presentations to roundtables, we discuss various wealth creation initiatives, water projects, Artisan partnerships and development of local leaders.

Saturday, September 9th, 9 a.m. – Noon

Rockhurst University Massman Room 250 1100 Rockhurst Road Kansas City, MO 64110



  • Laura Fitzpatrick, Rockhurst University
  • Janeil Owen, Northwest Haiti Christian Mission
  • Dr. Steve Weber, Heart to Heart International
  • Marilyn Monaghan, Apparent Project

First Hour: Short Topics (Four Presenters)

  1. Business Plans/Sustainability Projects (Rockhurst)
  2. Income Producing Ministry (Northwest Haiti Christian Mission)
  3. 3) Legal business in Haiti/Connection to US (Apparent Project)
  4. 4) Wealth Creation Federation (Heart to Heart International)

Second Hour: Four Presenters: Discussion/Q&A

  • The four short topic presenters: roundtable on wealth creation examples

Third Hour: Moderated breakout groups (if time permits)

  • Small groups (5-10 people) brainstorming specific issues: working in rural Haiti, Artisan partnerships, developing local leaders, logistics, local “fixers”, water projects, other*

* If you have a specific issue to bring to the breakout section, please indicate in your email acceptance so we can include it and ensure a knowledgeable moderator. The breakout group issues are subject to change depending on attendees’ interests

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